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Top 2 Biggest Challenges You Will Face


Have you considered starting a department for Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? Do you ever wonder what it might be like if you could start a department like that in the company you work at right now? Have you ever been sitting there thinking… “What if I could do something really BIG”? Maybe it would change your life… Maybe it could alter your future… Maybe YOU could alter the future of your company. If you are considering starting a new department there are two big challenges you will face when starting a department for Augmented and Virtual Reality.


If you are considering starting a new department at your company, whether it’s related to Augmented Reality or not, you are going to face some very big challenges. They may seem too big at times, even overwhelming your mind with thoughts of fear and failure. The problems you will face might even keep you up all night. This is very very good though. I mean what if you do fail? How will you feel if you fail? You would feel like shit! Wouldn’t you? There are two major issues you’re going to face if you begin a new department in your company. I’m going to share with you what those are and how to win in spite of these two hurdles.


First is other people, you will need other people to work with you in building your department. You’re going to need a core team. You will need to build a case for your department and understand what great value you are providing the company with. You will have to sell your idea and the value you are looking to provide your company with. Once value is clear, decisions are easy.

If you think executives are going to jump at the chance to start a new department within the company with you, you’re fooling yourself. Depending on your current role at your company, you may have it easier or harder than others but that will almost never give you an automatic win.

You will need to make friends in the right places to have a shot at entertaining a meeting with the most influential people in your company. And those are the ones who will ultimately end up making the final decision as to whether your department lives or dies.

Depending on your comfort level, you can start at the top of the food chain and begin introducing yourself to executives, VPs, and Presidents around the company as opportunities present themselves or if you can make the opportunities occur, even better. Start general dialogs with them and eventually, find out where their general understanding is at with respect to augmented and virtual reality. From there, you might be able to get a better gauge on the temperature for adoption is within your company by asking them more specific questions regarding what they think about the technology if they’ve ever tried fully-immersive VR and so on. Have fun with it.

As Dan Peña says, “Practice makes … comfort.” You must do what it takes to train yourself to be comfortable in difficult situations and challenging conversations.

For most people, getting up enough courage to speak with high-level execs at their company will make them piss their pants. Go pee before you try to bump into them around the office and before your conversations. Even though this may be hard for you, it’s the right thing to do. I suggest practicing with other people around the office that might scare you a little bit to talk to them. Practice striking up more general conversations if you need. Then move into topics more AR/VR related to see what they think of the tech. Through this practice, you can see what works and what doesn’t. You are now conducting market research – NICE JOB! From here you will get more comfortable and you should start building a word script from the things you are learning.

Later, you can start opening conversations with this script. Find more people to practice on that push you further beyond your comfort level and keep pushing that comfort zone out further and further until you are ready to feel out a conversation with an influencer at your company.  You want to do whatever it takes to get in front of the decision makers because there is no other way to start an official, full-blown department at your company without getting squashed.

One of the interesting things that you just accomplished through your practice is you now know who in the company you should bring into your core team. You have identified highly qualified people from around the company who will join you in your fight to start the first-ever Augmented and Virtual Reality Department at your company. You have now started the long road to making corporate history.


What happens if you fail? What will people think of you? What beliefs do you hold about yourself? Self-doubt and fear is normal and natural. Take it in, where you’re going, you’ll need it. I say that because, if you have fear, you will have the adrenaline it takes to make a good fight. If you have the knowledge that people are watching and waiting for you to fail, you’re back is against a wall. Failure is no longer an option. You must win. People are counting on you to succeed. The future of the company requires you to win.

Some people think that failure is when you do something incorrectly. Wrong. Failure is when you do something incorrectly and don’t fix it or give up and quit. Failure can only ever be finalized as a failure if you leave it that way. If you want to succeed… just get up, keep fighting, adjusting, learning. Figure it out, use the people on your team to help you figure it out. Lean on your executive leadership to teach you where you need to adjust to perform the current task well.


Now that you know the two biggest challenges you’re going to face and how to be successful in spite of them, get comfortable with failing to get it right the first few times. Get comfortable with nothing being perfect. Let yourself be free to try new things and to fail a couple times. You will not know success until you act even when afraid. Get out there and fucking do it. No regrets.

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