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Top 3 Things that Create Opportunity from Chaos


Running from one meeting to another, you pull a quick sip from your traveler coffee mug. Close the mug and keep running. Faster though this time because you just noticed you’re a full five minutes late. Just outside the meeting door now, take a deep breath like you were never running, put on a smile and, “Sorry I’m late everyone”….

What the fuck are you doing? You need to get a handle on what’s going on. You’re allowing chaos to control you.


Once more deep breathe – “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Your team needs you and here you are running between meetings. They need you to create structure, give them challenging work, and hold them to tight accountability. They need you to be a central anchor for them in the midst of this chaos. They must achieve great heights and have challenging goals to reach for. There are three things you must do to create opportunity from chaos.


  1. Acknowledge Chaos
    1. You and your team are experiencing early mornings and late nights
    2. You feel like you are riding a roller coaster of high highs and low lows
    3. You have missed at least one deadline or are near to missing your next one
    4. Apply empathy
  2. Create Structure
    1. Write out the organizational structure – organization chart
    2. Create a document outlining the responsibilities of each role
    3. Document the rules for operating successfully within your department
    4. Create a dress code that requires business professional at a minimum
      1. Suits (with tie) for men, paired with a solid-colored dress shirt
      2. Suits, pants suits or dresses with a jacket for women
      3. Neutral colors and conservative footwear for all
      4. Clean grooming, ironed clothes and attention paid to the details
      5. YES, you are going militant on this
        1. You and your team need every piece of leverage you can muster
    5. Create procedures for doing any kind of work necessary within your department
      1. You want to have the ability for anyone to walk into your department and have complete productivity right off the start.
      2. Make it mindless for people to be productive in the workplace. Give them room to be creative in their work, of course, but structure and organize everything else to ensure they have mental capacity for powerful creativity where it really counts – Solving tough problems.
    6. Over-communicate mission, vision, and roadmap
    7. Be consistent in every way
  3. Plan
    1. Create goal sheets for your department, yourself, and every individual on your team
      1. Goals should be in present tense
    2. Make goals that slightly out of reach, if you can stretch that to become goals that are well beyond reach
      1. The objective here is to stretch everyone’s comfort zone
        1. Subconscious reprogramming
        2. e.g We have created an application within the last three months, from start to finish, that our company is now using to generate over $50M per year.
      2. Create a goal sheet for each:
        1. next 90 days
        2. 30 days
        3. seven days
        4. and next day
        5. New goals should be created at the end of each period
          1. At the end of each day, there should be a new list of goals for the following day. This can be created by you, their manager, or the individuals doing the tasks.
          2. If the individual is creating their goals for the following day or any other period, have them gain approval and accountability from their manager via manager’s signature.
          3. The purpose of this is not to smother the individuals creating their own tasks, but rather for them to acknowledge that they are accountable for the work they intend to complete. If they don’t complete what they planned to, it’s an opportunity for those goals to be moved to the next period. Whether that is the next day, next week, or the next 30 day goals.
      3. Push your team to challenge themselves and to be narrowly, laser beam, focused.
    3. Create and over-communicate vision as well as roadmap
    4. Hold everyone to strict accountability
    5. Reward for completion of big and highly-challenging goals
  4. BONUS – Be a badass
    1. Confident
    2. Unwavering
    3. Tenacious
    4. Consistent
    5. Persistent
    6. Organized
    7. Structured
    8. Fearless


  • You are taking advantage of chaos and now you know how
  • Push your team to challenge themselves and to be narrowly, laser beam, focused.
  • Realize up front that not everyone will want to adhere to this type of regimen. That’s okay. In fact, most people will not want to. You are structuring your team to win regardless of how people feel during the process. Both you and they will reap the rewards if you follow through to the end.
  • You are creating a team that executes, a structure that harnesses the power of each individual collectively. You are applying maximum force to a single narrow problem. You have nowhere to go but through the wall in front of you.
  • “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu
  • Be fearless. Be Courageous. Over-communicate this with your team as well.
  • No Regrets.


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