Looking around Tesla, I noticed many teams implementing Augmented and Virtual reality applications to solve narrow challenges they were facing as a team. The issue that I noticed though, was that there were no departments focused specifically on Augmented or Virtual Reality. No one was looking at how we could use the technology to solve larger, company-wide issues. At the time, Tesla was working to install the solar power grid in Australia within 100 days “or else it would be free” and the, “most anticipated car of the year. . . perhaps the latter half of the decade”, Model 3.

My goal was to find a way to bring in people from every area of Tesla: Gigafactory, Tesla Energy (solar), and Tesla Motors so we, as a company, could understand as much as possible about problems stretching across the company, departments, and domains. We would discover the biggest value add available for Tesla through understanding other departments pain-points.

Within four weeks, we had the legal team on board with our vision – immediately we brought in 30 people from various departments around the company and we started working to understand how we could generate value fast! After four months, we had over 90 people in the group working toward creating massive value for the company and we started a project that, when fully-built, would improve our bottom line by over two million dollars – and we were just getting started!

I now helping people just like you start their own Augmented and Virtual Reality Departments at their company.



To be clear – I am here to help people who are dead set on execution and executing in a big way. There are three categories of people I am helping

  1. Organizations needing to start an Augmented and/or Virtual Reality department or group. (Realize the greatest ROI from AR/VR)
  2. Organizations who need their clients to start AR/VR departments or groups. (Create deep value for clients and improve your own bottom line)
  3. Ordinary people who want to develop into a person that starts Augmented and/or Virtual Reality departments. (Fight Club, savagely grow, infiltrate enterprise with AR and VR, execute as a global team)
    • Join people from organizations such as Tesla, Microsoft, and NASA on this journey to become badass and fearless.

I started Tesla’s AR/VR while I was there and grew it to over 90 people. I’m using the same idea (with some necessary refinements) to help others do the same and more.

In fact, over the next 12 months I will help 1000 people start AR/VR departments. If you know someone who will be one of those 1000, have them check out the free training here: