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Tesla is a fast-moving, always-changing place. Absolutely breakneck speed. If you’ve learned anything about Tesla, like trade secret wise, it’s already too late because they’re beyond that now. Being in a place like that conditions you to refuse to do anything easy post-Tesla.

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While there, I took the opportunity to start the Augmented Reality/Virutal Reality group for Tesla and grew it swiftly to over 90 people across Tesla, Gigafactory, and Tesla Energy (solar).

Before getting into Tesla, I took the opportunity to serve as a team lead for one of the award-winning SpaceX Hyperloop Competition companies, rLoop.

I’ve conditioned myself to push hard and to figure stuff out on my own. It’s made me scrappy and I’ve learned to hack/short circuit certain things to push forward. Lucky for both of us here in this time as well. I recently put together a tool that has made attracting people to my website a piece of cake. I literally do nothing now – sit on my ass or work on other important initiatives. Thousands of people are attracted to my website every single month with zero input from me or my team. I could walk away from this for months or even years at a time and still, the number of people coming to my site would continue increasing… This is the power I want to give you.

You should experience the same power with your business, it’s liberating. You have the power to attract people to your site with minimal input. Attracting new people to your site isn’t the most exciting part of running a business. It is, however, one of the biggest things on most entrepreneurs mind. “How do I make more money?”, “How do I get more sales?”, “How do I fill my sales pipeline?”, “How do I make payroll?”, “What happens if I fail?”

I’ve seen many companies exit the AR/VR space just as quickly as they entered it. Let’s make your company a success for long into the future. I’m opening up a limited time Pilot Test Phase for this new tool. The testing phase is not currently open but I am accepting applications for Pilot Testers.

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