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Department – Starting your own AR/VR Department

Deciding to take on the development of a new department is exciting and high risk but not as risky as quitting your job and starting a business. The upside potential though is great – even if you don’t succeed to the level you hoped for originally. You have opportunities for promotion, to be creative, be recognized for your hard work, own your success, have increased freedom, and to make a major impact on both the company as well as your own career.

Speaking of which, founding an AR/VR department has opened up conversations with people I would have never considered possible previously and speaking engagements at places that may have passed me over before.

There’s a lot to consider when you begin thinking about the potential of starting an Augmented and/or Virtual Reality department. A lot of it will depend on your previous experiences and pedigree so it doesn’t hurt to build that up as much as possible either before or during your mission to start AR/VR at your company.

Some of the high-level considerations are:

  • Where do you even start?

  • Who will want to join you?

  • What challenges will you face?

  • Can you do this?

  • How will you tell people what you’re doing?

  • How can you succeed?

The baseline feeling though might be fear or anxiety about starting the adventure. That’s perfect and exactly where you want to be. You must use that fear and/or anxiety to fuel your fight. Fear provides us with a fight or flight feeling. If you choose the flight option, you will miss out on success, freedom, and the possibility of making a difference – you will regret it. If you choose the fight option though! You open up the possibilities that are bigger than you can picture in your mind right now. So remember, “Fear is your Fuel”.

Now, there are three ways to get started –

  1. Wait for someone to come to you and ask if you’d like to start a new department

  2. Tell your boss or someone that might champion you that  you want to start a new department

  3. Or this one – like I did, tell someone that will champion you that you want to start an AR/VR enthusiast group but position it in a way that people know you have deeper intentions than just sitting around chatting about how cool this stuff is but rather you’d like to seek and find massive opportunities with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Now that you have some ideas on how to get started what questions do you have? What challenges are you facing? Remember, “Fear is your Fuel”.


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