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This is Tyler Lindell, your host, your guide, and your mentor. In today’s episode, I’m diving into personal branding for you. What you can expect to gain from listening to this are some golden nuggets on how to create trust and authority through consistency, you’ll learn how to stop wasting time on social media and make it work for you, as well as how to grow far beyond your measly 500+ status to become a monster on social media.



People think social media is easy and becoming a trusted authority might work out the same. This thinking is for people who enjoy eating spoon fed lies because how else could anyone believe this shit?! Success is for people who work hard, trust and authority is given to those who work to earn it. Being worthy of people’s trust and having authority is success.


Post all the time, post duplicate content, post your own content, share others, and curate. I post seven times every single day. I automate, I curate, I post my own stuff, I self-promote – and so should you. If you are afraid of people hating your stuff, unfollowing you, and posting negative comments – you’re being selfish and making excuses to become great. You are withholding value from people and from yourself. As a mentor of mine, Dan Peña says, “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless”.


Be consistent, post at the same time everyday. The posts that will add the most value and get the greatest traction are those that are written out from you and create value for others, not about your needs. Instead, fulfill other’s needs. If you can add a link or image that’ll maximize your visibility.


Keep your message consistent, maintain the same voice throughout everything you post. Make sure your picture is professional, clean, authoritative, and creates a feeling of trust for others. If you don’t know if you are doing this already, ask someone else.



How much time do you spend just scrolling through the trash on your social wall or feed? Social feed. Are you an animal that likes to be fed, or are you an authority that provides value to the masses? The more people you add value to, the greater impact and influence you have. You add zero value to the people who need you most by just reading and liking posts. It’s a damn waist of your time.



I have people come to me all the time saying, “Hey Tyler! We can get you leads and social followers” I look at their profile and see that they have a thousand connections and think, “What the Fuck!?”. How can someone say they are going to get me results when they very clearly have not been able to do the same for their own account? How fucking weak does that make their offer? I’ll answer that – VERY WEAK! People hit a thousand and stop, why is that? It’s because they are satisfied or make excuses like, “I want to know the people I’m connected with”. It’s very cute. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives – connect with everyone and never stop. Add value and never ever quit.



You now know what it takes to become a trusted authority through consistency of content and timing. You’ve learned how to develop your brand on social media. You now know how to stop wasting your time and how to create value with your time instead. And finally, if you follow the golden nuggets I’ve just given you, you will gain 10,000+ followers over the next 12 – 24 months depending on your dedication and time investment. Now a little math, If you do post seven times per day to just the new 10k connections, you will have a social reach of 70,000 per day or 490,000 per week. That’s just shy of social reach of a half-million every – single – week. “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless”. What new heights will you achieve?


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