Snap is buying its AR display supplier for more than $500 million

A man wearing Snap’s fourth-gen Spectacles, which are black with angular frames.
Snap’s fourth-generation Spectacles. | Photo: Snap

Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, the supplier of the augmented reality displays that power its new Spectacles glasses, for more than $500 million, The Verge has learned. The deal is Snap’s largest ever, underscoring the company’s long-term bet that AR eyewear will eventually go mainstream.

WaveOptics primarily makes waveguides, a display technology that allows for the overlaying of virtual objects onto the real world through a transparent surface like glass, and accompanying light projectors. Snap is using WaveOptics displays in the new Spectacles announced this week, which it isn’t selling widely but is giving to a small number of AR effect creators.

Based in the UK and founded in 2014, WaveOptics raised a total of $65 million in…

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