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Share Vision with Your Boss


So,ย let’s say that you’re sitting at your desk and you’re doing your work like you normally do, on a daily basis, and all of a sudden you come up with this idea that you’re gonna start an augmented and virtual reality group at your company. Maybe even in a department, either way, whatever.


You’re sitting there, you’re thinking, you’re doing your work, and you spend a few weeks working on the vision that you have for your department. A few weeks later, once you’ve come up with your vision, you turn around to your boss and you say, “Hey boss… “.

“Yes, Slave-?” [fuck] You turn around to your boss and you say, “Hey I’ve got a vision to start an augmented and virtual reality department at this company. And guess what your boss says…

“Oh yeah, that’s a cool idea.” And turns back to do their work.

Or they say something along the lines of, “that sounds like a really great idea, but, ah… It may not be the right thing for us right now” or “it may not be something that our company needs” or they may not have the same vision that you have for the department, but that’s okay.


You still must communicate what your vision is to your boss, whether or not they think it’s good whether or not they believe that the company needs it, and regardless of whether or not they’re supportive of what you’re thinking or planning on doing. So, what do you do now that you’ve got your vision and you wanna take action, you may be able to use your bosses leverage and their help to start this department. You may be able to put it in a way where they maybe have a stake in the department, or they have a say in the department, maybe somehow they see that what you’re doing, you have to paint this picture obviously for them, but maybe somehow they see that there’s a lot of value that you’re gonna be creating for the company as well as for your team while you start this new group or this new department within the company.

The reason why I keep on bringing up the group instead of “department” is that a lot of times when you put together a group in your organization, it doesn’t add threat to your current role in your team, and it doesn’t threaten your bosses current situation. They still see you as participating wholly and fully in their team as well as you’re doing something for the community, and you’re doing something for the company. It puts your position and your role at that job at low, low risk or lower risk, at least. Don’t bring it up maybe as a department, but bringing up as a group that you wanna start there.

That’s actually one of the things that I was facing in my company as well. I was working on a specific team within the company, and I thought that it would be a great idea to have augmented in virtual reality within the company.

And so, I positioned myself and what I started as an enthusiast group at first. However, when I was going to build it, I pitched it to the internal legal team as a group of people within the company that were solely focused on solving the biggest problems that Tesla, Gigafactory, and Tesla solar were all facing and then looking for the highest value solutions, using the technology of augmented and virtual reality. So, my boss also knew that we were looking to solve big problems and eventually he got to the point where he was pitching ideas on augmented and virtual reality solutions that we might be able to implement within our own team, and maybe also use this new group to help facilitate some of the energy and the effort to build out the application. Like development skills, design skills, also some of the thought processes that go behind building an augmented and virtual reality department. So, sharing your vision with your boss is incredibly important, whether or not they’re supportive of what you’re doing.

If you’re in the situation, where you wanna start a department or a group within your company for augmented or virtual reality, make sure that you share your vision make sure you share your goals with your boss, but do it in a way that doesn’t add any threat or injury to their position.


You want to see if they’re willing to support you. See if they’re willing to invest time, maybe namely your time, into building this group and also find ways that you can use this new department or group that you’re building to bolster the position for your boss, or bolster the position for your current team. You wanna be able to strengthen as many people as possible when you’re building up this department. And so, maybe you can include that into the vision that you have for your group or your department.

It’s just extremely, extremely important that you’re not running around hiding things behind your bosses back because it’s gonna get you in a lot of trouble and there are times where you should not care about getting in trouble. But this is one case that you wanna see if you can get your bosses support and you’re gonna want to use value adding goals and value-adding vision, that help your boss and help your team to succeed in the long run. Maybe ways that you can bring the current team that you’re working with, into the stuff that your new group or your new department would be working on. And you don’t have to separate the two. They can work together on a lot of projects just you have to figure out the right way to do it. In the right way to communicate that with your boss. It can certainly be challenging. There was one time where my boss said that the department or the group that I was working on for augmented virtual reality had no value whatsoever, which was pretty discouraging honestly, but I kept on with it and I knew that there would be long-term lasting value in building the group. And also I had grown the department to about 90 people, so there’s no way that I was gonna let it go, but there was a lot of necessity for me to help the people on the team become as involved as possible and for me to work together with them So we could all leverage the limited time that we had available together to build the projects, and to build the use cases to do meetings and discover the big challenges that our company was facing.

So make sure that you over-communicate your vision, with your boss make sure that your vision puts into place things that improve your boss’s position or the outlook for your bosses future as well as you wanna look out for your team, your teammates, and the projects that your team is doing, if you’re going to start a group or department while you’re working in another team, somewhere else within the company.

So, over-communicate vision ensuring you add value for your boss make sure you had value for the team that you’re currently on, and make sure you over-communicate. You can even use stories, you can use ways of bringing the two teams together. You can think of ways that the AR VR group or department that you’re building contributes to the team you’re working on, and then vice versa, where the team you’re working on might be able to contribute to the projects that the AR / VR or department is working on.


And some of this is going to build up trust as well as build up authority for your augmented and virtual reality and knowledge within your company. It’s also going to probably… Okay, so here’s what happened, for me, it prompted new ideas from my boss to bring up saying, “Hey maybe we could use augmented or virtual reality to solve this problem or that problem”. And it wasn’t just him, but also went up to his manager and even above that to the VP, thinking of ideas on how we could use the technology to enhance the project and the product that my specific team was working on outside of the AR / VR department.

So, yeah, think about that. Figure out how to add value for others in your department and your company especially your boss especially if you’re gonna be sharing your vision with him or her. That’s it, for now. If you need help with this comment below. If you’ve got questions or things that you wanna talk about regarding this topic comment below.

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