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Hey there. This is Tyler Lindell from Executives Guide to Success and Freedom podcast and I thank you so much for every minute that we’ve got to spend together over the last few months as I go over strategies and tactics for starting in running an augmented virtual reality department at your company.

This is the end of season one and I appreciate all the time. I hope that everything that we’ve been able to go over has proven highly valuable for you, in your department, and also in your company. I’ve had a lot of really great relationships built from season one, I’ve had a lot of great information gathered from people giving me feedback. I’ve had a lot of great conversations that have spun out of this podcast, I’m so appreciative of all the time we’ve got to spend together, and all the relationships that have been spun up out of this first season. For season two, I’m looking forward to even more, I’m looking forward to more relationships with more people. I’m also looking forward to more content.


What I’m going to be doing is recording for YouTube, I’m going to put together videos for you. I’ll also be recording and posting more to the same podcast, probably underneath a different name, however, I will keep season one where it is and I’ll start season two anew. The content for season two, like I said, is going to include video, audio, as well as plenty of written content. What we’ll be going over is market domination training, I’m going to go over and teach everything I know about market domination.

What I mean by market domination is not just being first in terms of search results – that’s important. Not just in terms of being first in social media, that’s also important. But real market domination is where your ideal clients and your ideal customers think of you on their way to work. When they think of you while they’re brushing their teeth. They think of you when they’re doing their daily tasks, when they’re hanging out with their friends, when they’re watching YouTube, they go there and they look for you. When they go to Google, they go there and specifically look for you. When they’re doing their chores, washing dishes, doing laundry, hanging out with their kids – I want them to think about you.

My focus is going to be on augmented and virtual reality companies. I love the field. And I’m going to remain in the field for the foreseeable future. So I’m going to continue serving the augmented and virtual reality field while focusing on things that are extremely valuable and extremely important to your company. I mean, imagine what that could do for you. If people were thinking about you whether or not you are triggering the thought in their mind. I’m going to go over how to do that in Season Two.

I am like anxious and I’m excited to talk to you more about the details of that right now, but I’m going to save it. I’m going to save it because it’s very important that I put together the information in a way that’s easily digestible and easily applicable. I want to make sure that everything I post and publish for you is highly valuable. It solves real problems for real people just like you. You’re a real person, you have real problems. And I want to help you. I want to give you everything that I know, in terms of market domination, I want you to show up in search results at the top, obviously. I want you to show up first and social media, I want you to show up first when people think about a problem that they’re having. I want you to be on a constant loop inside of your clients’ heads, in a good way, of course. I want you to be at the top of mind.

Anytime they have a problem or anytime they have a question they should start thinking about you. You’re just caught up in that loop over and over and over throughout every single day. to be good. It’s gonna be fun. I’m looking forward to spending Season Two with you and sharing everything I know about this.


If you’ve got suggestions, or questions or comments, please comment below. I’m also looking forward to some brand new interviews that’ll be doing with some individuals in the field. I know that you know who they are. I know you know their names. They’re highly valuable and highly important to the community in the augmented and virtual reality field. So I’m looking forward to interviewing them, finding out more about what they’re doing, what they’re working on, and maybe even some suggestions that they might have for you and for your business.


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