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Reverb G2 super sampling: downscaling to half resolution vs upscaling to full resolution

I think there is something potentially being overlooked about using steamVR’s resolution scaling for the G2. If the WMR resolution is set to full and the steamVR resolution is set to 75% then the image is undersampled and blurry. But if WMR resolution is set to half, then that 75% (of full resolution) in steamVR becomes 150% super sampling of half resolution. That is, the image is rendered at a higher resolution and then downscaled to half resolution, resulting in a sharper image. This is super sampling how we normally think of it with other headsets.

I hope there is a way to set things up so that anything below 100% super sampling in steamVR automatically turns the headset to half res mode so that the image is supersampled for half resolution rather than undersampled for full resolution. I think supersampling at half resolution would result in the better looking image. Seeing which looks better would be an interesting test to conduct for somebody like tyriel wood IMO.

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