DISCLAIMER: I have a very bad train of thought so everything is all scattered, so if stuff doesn’t make sense that’s why.

Okay so this is sort of a stretch, but I have an idea for this VR project.

I’m going to be attempting to make a VR headset that can be controlled from the brain. No controllers, no movement, just a headset. I want to be able to sit down in a chair doing nothing, and be able to move around freely to my desires.

I’m going to college soon, and I’ve always wanted to do “big” project before I graduate uni. I don’t think i’ll finish it in 4 years but I want learn. I have very little to no experience in VR, but always inspired of doing something like this. While this project won’t be able to be fully succeeded in the time I have, I’ll still keep trying. This idea is very broad and I have a few sketches for what it has to look like (in my vision) in order for this to work.

PROJECT: MVR is MATTAS VIRTUAL REALITY. The name will probably be changed within the 4 years (or longer) but i’m keeping until I find a better name. I’ll have more details about this in a week or two.

Still on the drawing board, toodles.

NOTE: That this will only be used to record my progress on my personal project, I’ll be able to share it if I see progress even if this sounds silly to most people.

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