Please help me to find a worthy recipient for my rift

Hey guys,

i hope this post is not violating some subreddit rule. Iam the owner of a rarely used Occulus Rift Touch Bundle. I bought it in August 2017.

I got some fun out of it but my body isnt made for VR unfortunatly. I got movement sickness pretty fast (even in low-risk-games) and my eyes start to hurt after a few minutes. Long story short: I want to give my rift away.

I dont like selling things in a private enviroment. In the past, it turned out exhausting and stressfull to me because the buyers got annying and intrusive.

Thats why iam thinking about giving my rift away for a good cause. Maybe there is an indie developer team who want to add VR support to their game but dont have a testing device. I also heard about a organisation, that takes entertaiment technology to child hospitals.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Do you know developer/charity organization that can use a rift? If i dont find anyone, i guess i will just do some kind of local charity lottery.


I read all replies sooner or later but i will not react to PMs/Inbox messages. Please dont beg – i will not send it to a random private person on reddit.

Thank you in advance.



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