Organized, personal list of lesser known VR recommendations (67 titles total)

Only includes titles available for PCVR.

I determine ‘lesser known’ according to personal judgement based on what I see. Some of these I see discussed a little, others may be completely unknown.

I determine ‘game’ vs ‘experience’ according to personal judgement, considering factors like mechanical involvement/interactivity, scope, purpose.

Divided into games vs. experiences. Sub-categorized by ‘must-have titles’ vs. ‘other recommended’. List order within a categorization is meaningless. Cost was not a factor in categorization, but all prices are listed.

I generally favour atmosphere, emotion, creative expression, interpreted meaning/story, and/or health & recreation.

I recommend, on Steam, wishlisting any game/experience that seems interesting to you. It helps the devs and this way you will hopefully be notified about sales. Also, check in on r/vrgamedeals once a week. Some of these go on sale here and there. Some are free.

And remember, Steam has a no-questions-asked return policy, you can refund any game within 14 days and less than 2 hours of play time. Don’t be afraid to use it! Of course, also remember that developers need money, so if you are done with one of the shorter titles within 2 hours and enjoyed it, I hope you don’t refund it!!


Must-have titles
  • Paper Beast$20 – Surprising, beautiful, wholly immersive, stunningly unique and memorable

  • Garden of the Sea$12 – Super cute, comfy, relaxing, full of life, immersive. I found it to be a pleasure to play, as you can tell from my gushing Steam review

  • The Under PresentsFree with two in-game purchases, $12 and $15 – incredibly creative, immersive game… with narrative stuff… a unique integrated Journey-inspired multiplayer thing… improv comedy, strange magic powers, uh…. yeah this game is crazy. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever played. Take a journey through a multiplayer event, climaxing with a ‘music video’ that showcases bits of the single player

  • Organ Quarter$25 – scary, immersive, atmospheric adventure. Heavily inspired by Silent Hill 2 and 3, it succeeds both in learning from and paying homage to those games, while carving out its own story and memories

  • Katie$3 – narrative/story game, janky, low budget, a lot of reading dialogue. And has a religious undertone-become-overtone I found naive/unsavoury. But, also an extremely genuine, thoughtful, emotional, vulnerable, intimate game

  • Xing: The Land Beyond$20 – Beautiful, narrative, adventure, puzzle game

  • Transference$25 – Scary, immersive, narrative game with exceptional audio-visual design

  • Luna$15 – Beautiful, relaxing, immersive, short, thoughtful narrative game. I reviewed it. This was part of the recent racial equality bundle, so if you bought that then you own it already

  • Arca’s Path$20 – Unique gameplay-narrative mix. Design, art, sound, story all working very well together. Abstract/thoughtful story. Kind of relaxing

  • Pixel Ripped 1989$15 and $20 respectively – Super creative, fun and funny, memorable and immersive. And the sequel, Pixel Ripped 1995

  • Thumper$20 – Favourite rhythm game by a longshot. Incredible design, visual and audio impact, exhilarating, intense. I made a kind of Thumper poetry video experience

  • The Solus Project$20 – Sci fi, great story/narrative, memorable adventure. Frustrating at the start, but stick with it

  • Moss$30 – Gorgeous, fun, puzzle-platformer with adventure/narrative feel

  • To the Top20 – So much fun! Kind of like a parkour game but actually executed in a way that’s a ton of fun to play

Other recommended
  • Tea For GodFREE – Free, and great! Will blow your mind. Roomscale – you need some space to walk around. Fun with great aesthetic

  • Jet Island$20 – Super fun hoverboard adventure, simple/low budget, yet highly immersive and enjoyable

  • The Persistence$30 – Requires gamepad controller. Immersive, atmospheric, scary action rogue-lite. It’s a lot of fun and has narrative padding

  • Virtual Virtual Reality$15 – Fun & funny, highly creative story adventure, very tactile and immersive

  • A Fisherman’s Tale$15 – Short story-puzzle game, charming, fun, thoughtful with creative gameplay/puzzles

  • Tetris Effect$40 – Beautiful, emotive, comforting

  • Fujii$15 – Relaxing, pleasant adventure, creative expressive elements. Not finished but liked what I played enough to include it

  • Polybius$7 – Mind-melting psychedelic visuals, stressful and challenging until it’s not – then it’s super zen

  • REZ: Infinite$25 – Audio-visual synchronicity, challenging but relaxing

  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis$20 – Great fun, active. I reviewed it

  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station$20 – Dark atmospheric solitude, adventure, space, abstract narrative

  • In Death$30 – Challenging rogue-like, fun, great aesthetic/atmosphere, enjoyable space to ‘be’ in

  • OhShape$20 – Super active, fun, physical beat game. Strike poses in a fluid way that gets you feeling the music

  • Trover Saves the Universe$30 – Funny, vibrant, immersive platform-ish adventure

  • Tin Hearts$20 – Tactile, unique puzzle game, some narrative accompaniment

  • Pistol Whip$25 – Fun, pretty active, kind-of-rhythm game, makes you feel super cool!

  • Transpose$20 – Innovative puzzle game with great atmosphere

  • Vertigo Remastered$25 – Only played an hour or so, so far, but fun/funny/engaging adventure

  • Falcon Age$20 – Only played an hour or so, intending to return to it soon. But enjoyed the beginning very much, interesting and engaging adventure


Must-have titles
  • Synthesis Universe -Episode 00-$10 – Incredibly designed interactive audio-visual experience with ‘aesthetic storytelling’. I made a music video to express my love of it, and wrote a review on Steam as well

  • EmergenceFREE – Beautiful, odd, immersive artistic experience

  • Museum of Other Realities$20 – Incredible art installations, step into creations, interact with some… most engaging ‘museum/art gallery’ I’ve ever been to! Really wonderful. I made an art-video out of some of my experiences in the museum

  • Where Thoughts Go$10 – Remarkable game/experience. Emotional/cathartic, you basically listen to audio clips of real players sharing stories and then share your own. It’s AMAZING, as per my written Steam review

  • Eleven Eleven$20 – Sci-fi narrative game/experience with an excellent, thoughtful, highly relevant and politically-involved story. I created a review/politically engaged video about it

  • Electronauts$20 – Empowers creative expression in an accessible, fun way. Basically a DJ game, but you don’t need to have musical experience. A joy to spend time in. Immersive. Good for brain

  • Tea For GodFREE – Amazing! Will blow your mind. Roomscale – you need some space to walk around. Fun with great aesthetic

  • Host$11 – Short (~15 minutes), exceptional sci-fi experience/game, immersive, unique, fantastic art/design. Roomscale: requires playspace of about 3x2m. My short Steam review

  • Wolves in the WallsFREE – Fantastic, semi-interactive movie-game, very well made

  • Dawn of ArtFREE – Really gorgeous VR short interactive film experience. When you turn it on you have two options: Film or Tour. Pick film

  • Particulate$10 – Artistic/expressive/visual experience. Make pretty particles move around you. Beautiful, best of its kind that I’ve played. I wrote a Steam review

Other recommended
  • The Line$5 – Semi-interactive VR animation, enjoyable story and beautiful art.

  • Looking Glass$5 – Super scary the first couple times I played it. Immersive, atmospheric, and aesthetically cohesive. I wrote more in my Steam review

  • A VR Game About Ducks in CapitalismFREE – Thoughtful, cute

  • Gloomy Eyes$9 – Beautifully animated and wonderfully immersive in VR. Thoughtful story. I wrote a review on Steam

  • Art Plunge$2 – Some beautiful artworks recreated in VR. The first is my favourite, really quite beautiful. The overtly ‘white Christian gaze’ was unfortunate to me. I share my thoughts in my Steam review

  • Emergence: Fractal Universe$10 – Beautiful fractal tool, allows for manipulation of fractals as you move around, can really be quite stunning

  • A Ton of Feathers$2 – Surreal cinematic storytelling. Emotive and intense. I feel that among the abstract imagery is a naive/ignorant Christian undertone that should be challenged, I wrote about it in more detail in my review on Steam

  • Echo Grotto$8 – Immersive, adventurous, ‘caving’ game. Kind of relaxing

  • Fugl$10 – Aesthetically interesting, relaxing flying game, morph into different creatures, explore aimlessly

  • The Invisible Hours$30 – Engaging narrative, immersive storytelling. Ran into a frustrating glitch (PSVR version) and never finished, but still putting it here

  • Batman: Arkham VR$20 – Immersive, puzzle-‘museum’, like being in a Bat-museum+short story where you are Batman

  • Train TripFREE – Free, short, impactful abstract story game

  • Catch & Release$20 – Relaxing, pretty fishing game. Kick back on the water

  • DMT: Dynamic Music Tesseract$5 – Beautiful VR music visualizer, great music reactivity. Best music visualizer I’ve tried in VR (I’ve tried a bunch). My Steam review

  • Old Friend$3 – VR music video, a few minutes long, with SO much character, amusing and a joy to experience

  • Conscious Existence – A Journey Within$5 – Immersive, beautiful journey, visual experience

  • Ayahuasca$13 – Ditto to above

  • Visionarium$8 – Ditto x2, music-centered

  • Sacred SirenFREE – Ditto x3, music-centered

  • Explore Fushimi Inari$5 – Pleasant, high fidelity, realism style VR space. Also, Mýrdalssandur, Iceland VR

  • Euclidean$5 – Requires gamepad controller, frustrating at first, but a unique and immersive experience

  • Art Pulse$13 – Expressive art-music-creative-flow. I reviewed it

  • GNOG$10 – Whacky puzzle game with fun colourful visuals

  • Vestige$5 – Emotive, immersive VR short film

  • Twin Peaks VR$10 – Messy, undercooked, but some great, unique moments and interesting aesthetic. My written Steam review

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