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No one else cares. Love yourself first

Love yourself first.

No one else cares.

The way you live your life, set your goals, and the levels you achieve only matter to you. No one else cares.

Pleasing other’s will never matter to the people you try to please. It will only hurt you in the long run, so make your goals, achievements, success, and direction all about you.

Let your life be your priority because no one else will. You deserve the best you can give yourself.

To finish that thought off, it’s the opposite of selfish to think this way.

Selflessness can only ever be achieved when you love yourself, take excellent care of yourself, then plan and execute in a massive way that will help anyone you want to.

ps. (you don’t need to help anyone but if you ever decide you want to, you’ll have the capacity to do so by loving yourself first.)

Love yourself first.


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