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XRSpace Manova is a standalone VR headset with native hand-tracking control, powered by Snapdragon 845. I tested Manova in Taipei, Taiwan this month and here’s my review.

Hand Tracking

  • Hand tracking doesn’t have real-time visual feedback by default. Most of the time hands in-game don’t match which in real-life. The hand is rendered to pre-determined animation when your real hand is recognized as certain poses. This gives a seriously negative first impression, as hands presence is weaker than original Vive.
  • They actually enable real-time hand tracking during some activities. Under the hood the hand position and rotation tracking is there. I don’t know why not just enable by default.
  • Finger tracking: There’s no individual finger tracking (hand skeleton) at this point.
  • Head rotation affects in-game hand pose, making UI interaction harder than it should be.
  • Gesture works properly. I can force-grab a ball and trying to shoot. Scoring is quite simple as I assume there’s heavy aim-assist involved. Looking at a palm then making a fist brings up or closes menu. Index pinching is for select, teleporting and dragging.
  • Overall the hand tracking is not consumer-ready. But they promise it will improve over time.

Social Hub World

  • Since you don’t have real-time hands, “social interaction” is just two avatars playing pre-recorded animation.
  • Each area are connected like RPG maps. You can meet friend and strangers.
  • The level design is pretty good and featuring wide variety of environment.
  • I seldom play social apps so I really don’t know if people would spent time on this “social-focus MMO”. What do you think?
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Third Party App

Gaming: All games require controller to play. They said gaming is not their first priority right now, which is understandable. Using a controller completely defeat the original purpose of the headset, and tracking quality at current state couldn’t support games like Elixir or Waltz of the Wizard.

360 Videos: Something you can see in any VR headset.

Real life applications

They show me empty classroom and meeting room and said there will be virtual teaching and conference. I’m very skeptical about these. I know someone done this before, but doing this on regular basis as official platform? I don’t think so.

Remember your competitors are matured learning sites like Coursera and well known meeting apps like Google Hangout.


As comfortable as un-modded Oculus Quest.


The coordinator is very professional. I really appreciate her honestly about 5G. They seems to have done a lot of work about serious apps like training and education. I only wish she’s more enthusiastic about VR gaming.

You can pre-order the headset here: https://www.xrspace.io/us/headset

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