When do you think Google will start fully commercialising their DeepView Volumetric Video/Light field tech?

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Ive been reading about Googles efforts into light fields or volumetric video capture for a while now and it sounds like pretty impressive stuff. Ive tried a few of the experience with a friends Vive only a few days ago and it was honestly one of the most impressive VR demos Ive ever experienced in VR.

Im just wondering when google will finally commercialise this tech to its full potential so we can have some longer and detailed experiences. I wouldnt mind paying top dollar for a subscription service to see a light field videos of museum exhibitions,Sports events, theatre plays or cultural ceremonies, while Im stuck at home during this Covid crisis. It seems like theyve been working on this stuff for ages but havent outlined a concrete plan to license their platform, software stack and Lytro camera array to artists and content creators. Are there still problems with the tech? From my pov, its near perfect.

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