What’s your ideal VR headset specs?

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So during the past few days of GDC, I’ve seen a lot of disappointment at the announced products, it seems the general consensus is that every option out there has at least one big flaw. So I want to ask, what would your ideal headset be like? Only use tech that exists today, and try to keep in mind the price of such a device that you would be willing to pay.

Here’s mine:

  • Could both act as a standalone like Oculus Quest/Go, and tethered like Rift by plugging in a video cable to a computer
  • Resolution of around 1500×1500 or greater
  • Framerate >=90 FPS, and motion-to-photon latency <20 ms
  • Inside-out tracking, but with a very wide tracking FOV unlike the two-camera WMR headsets
  • Open/non-exclusive ecosystem both for the mobile and PC apps

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