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What makes high FOV hard/expensive?

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mostly just curious about the science.

after upgrading my vive’s face couchin i saw such a massive improvement and I LOVE the new FOV(110-115 without glasses, 100-105 ish i think with 3d printed adapters because I have to push the lenses back 2 steps). Can’t even go back for a second to the old 95 degree stock face couchin. funny how different a small 10-15 degree FOV can feel!

and I was just wondering now, why isn’t there more push towards FOV? like the quest 2/rift s has such a small fov and pimax artistian has a freaking 170 degrees FOV.

what makes pimax be able to do it at 500$~ but not the index? (I assume cheaper other stuff?)

why is it so expensive?

the pimax artistian seems to work well without distortion, so why not make it the standard?

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