What is more important in VR "FPS or Resolution".

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I am wanting some discussion on which is more important overall for VR. My uncle, who got me in to VR, and I am in the process of purchasing my first set (G2 or Index), says that to him FPS is more important than the resolution. States that higher FPS will be better to help make the game look smoother than a higher resolution.

His argument was that in a lot of the Through the Eyes videos comparing the two yes the resolution on the G2 looks better and has better since, he 1) thinks the are limiting or lowering the quality on the Index some 2) a lot of the videos are looking toward one direction a lot where he said when he is in VR he will be moving his head around looking around more or things will be moving quicker in the game than the videos show and he believes the FPS will be needed more than the higher resolution.

I also feel he is really biased toward the Index because it has been out longer, has the knuckle controllers already and by the time you buy them and the g2 and the lighthouses you spend more than the index full set. Which is true. So brings back to is Resolution really going to be better than the higher FPS and FoV? or is the FPS more important than the Resolution.

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