What game has the best VR mod? (closest to playing like a native VR game)

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So as the title says what Non-VR game do you think has the best fan made VR mod that brings it closest to a Native VR title?

My personal pick is GTFO via /u/DirtySpartan’s VR_Plugin

or maybe Doom 3 via KozGit’s DOOM-3-BFG-VR

Here are some of the mods I am aware of:

Aliens isolation via Mother VR

Minecraft via ViveCraft

GTA V Via LukeRoss’ gta5-real-mod or veryjos’ GTAV_OpenVR or grandtheftvr

Doom via gz3doom

Receiver via 7DFPS

no one lives forever 2 via LukeRoss’s nolf2 mod

Yooka-Laylee via VookaRaylee

Theif via thedarkmodvr

quake 2 via quake2vr

Quake via Quakespasm or quakevr

Outer Wilds via NomaiVR

Penumbra: Overture via penumbra_vr

Kerbal Space program via Vivero’s Kerbal-VR

Half-Life via Half-Life VR

Half-Life 2 via VRMod

Richard Burns Rally via RBRvr

Did I miss any VR mod? what game do you think has the best VR mod?


Edit: forgot about lambda1vr thanks drakfyre

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