VR Noob dad with two young kids: I need some advice.

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I’m looking for a full VR kit that the wife, kids (9 and 4) and I can use interchangeably. I have some questions about models, and specifics of fit, use, and set up.

I’m leaning toward the Valve Index, but could be pretty easily argued in almost any direction. I don’t know much about the hardware, and while I have a computer that’s beefy enough that I don’t worry about it handling the needs of a VR rig, I do have other concerns:

I’m pretty nearsighted, and my prescription is on the stronger side. I’m useless without my glasses, and I worry that I will have trouble using the rig without them. I know there are some third party lenses you can order, but my wife and kids have great vision and swapping lenses all the time seems like a problem. How well does the rig work with / without glasses?

That leads me to another concern: Swapping between users seems like it’s slightly more involved than handing the xbox controller between friends. How hard is it to readjust to a new head, and do you have any idea how well they fit young kids?

Gaming and media content is an important secondary concern: I need things that will appeal to me, my wife, my fortnite obsessed 9 year old, and my Berenstain Bears obsessed 4 year old.

Finally, I’d like to limit myself to around $1,000 for everything. There’s some give in that, but I don’t want to go crazy.

If you have any insight, please help point me in the right directions. I also welcome questions that I don’t know enough to ask. Thank you!

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