VR Mmorpg – UnboundedVR – Update.

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VR Mmorpg - UnboundedVR - Update.




Good morning,

Here’s a quick update about the upcoming VR mmorpg game “UnboundedVR”

Currently working in world enhancements and day / night cycle.

Day / Night cycle will be server bounded, this will allow more interesting game mechanics like monsters becoming aggressive at night, Quests and npcs available only at night time, etc.

Regarding the floating island in the screenshot, there will be some across the world, each island will have a Raid boss, in order to reach them you need to complete a quest, then you can face the boss.

Performance improvements have been made too, FPS average has increased by 15%

For more details, gameplay videos and info please feel free to join our Discord server.


Best Regards and Stay Safe.

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