VR Headset Similar to Google Cardboard in terms of Lens Width/IPD? (im not sure if this is the correct term

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So I have used the google cardboard quite a bit, (Dont ask what for, you already know)

Anyways, A year ago I got an Occulus Rift S. It was good fun for the first few weeks until I couldnt help but notice That the black areas inside the headset around the lenses were very noticable and my eyes couldnt keep focus and I kept getting distracted.

Ruined my immersion in a sense.

Compared to google cardboard where the phone screen covers both eyes and theres no “black interior” I couldnt get used or “adjust” to the rift S or VR in general

The rift S had no physical IPD Adjustment and only had it in software, Has anyone gone through the same things? Which headset would you reccomend for windows/steam use?


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