Valve Index sometimes blurry?

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Hey, I’m relativly new to VR and just got my first headset, the Index, today and i love it.

Though sometimes the picture appears a bit blurry, especially on the steamVR homescreen and on the desktop view the text on the wall appears pretty blurry and hard to read. I tried out new IPD settings and played around with the distance of the lens to my eye but it doesnt seem to help. Is this kind of light blurryness normal?

I’m using a Ryzen 7 2700x

16gb flare x RAM

GTX 1080

SteamVR automatically sets my VR resolution on 84% and I didnt try significantly increasing it since I don’t want to play around with stuff like that when i don’t know what I’m actually doing. Could it be my GPU being a bit too underpowered or am i doing something wrong?

quick edit: I’m running it on 120hz

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