Valve Index Display Blurry

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Hi all, I recently got my hands on a valve index and have been loving it except for one issue: I am basically near-sighted and far-sighted at the same time while in VR. What I mean by this is that if I’m just normally playing, like lets say beat saber, everything looks fine because I’m focusing on something at a moderate distance. However, if I’m playing something like Boneworks or H3VR, when I, for example, look at a gun in my hand, I can see writing on the gun but cant read what it says. At the same time, if something is far away, like in a range in H3VR, the target is also blurry. I’ve tried a bunch of different fixes to varying degrees of success:

  1. Adjust fit of the headset to ensure best clarity. Yes.
  2. Lower refresh rate to 90. Went from everything being blurry to just the near/far-sighted issue.
  3. Adjust distance between lenses to match eyes. Extremely mild improvement but still mostly on objects at a moderate distance.
  4. Adjust general resolution in steamVR. I have tried it at 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 500% resolution and none of them seem to make any difference at all.
  5. Adjust app specific resolution in steamVR. Same percentages as above and same result.
  6. Wearing glasses/contacts. Mild improvement maybe? I did not see any huge changes but my prescription is not terribly powerful in the first place so that may be the reason.

These are all the main fixes I have been able to find online. I posted a similar question to r/ValveIndex but didn’t really get any help. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Is this just how VR is? I feel like even videos I watch on youtube are coming through more clearly than my own headset. Is it possible that my monitor (which is only 1080p and 60hz) is affecting it? This seems unlikely because I think that the index is essentially its own set of monitors right? Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

TL;DR: Index blurry. Can’t fix. Please help.

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