Use of AR and VR in packaging industry !

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Use of AR and VR in packaging industry !

Packaging was once seen merely as a vessel to carry a product — only to be inevitably thrown away, or recycled. However, cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, digital print and so on are redefining the role of packaging into an engaging and personalized consumer experience.

One such innovation making waves in the packaging industry is AR/VR. It offers benefits like:

  • Faster concept approval: By visualizing package design in VR, executives get a 3D peek while easily being able to request changes (like color scheme) that previously could have taken days or even weeks. And, the later you make a change in the packaging process, the more expensive it gets. When teams virtualize product packaging early and gain the feedback and approvals needed quickly, they’re saved from adjusting layout, color and messaging while under pressure at the press.

Concept Visualization for ease of approval

  • See the final package in multiple contexts: Just as VR lets executives see what the package looks like early in the value chain, placing a product in a VR environment lets you see how it will pop on the shelf.
  • AR/VR technology enables brands to deliver a richer and more unique packaging experience that can drive retail sales and leave a lasting impression.

Real life Application

19 crimes Wine: Australian brand

AR-Enabled Packaging in Action by Australian brand 19 crimes Wine: Each wine bottle features a mugshot of a former convict. Consumers can download the free 19 Crimes Wine app and hold it up to the label on each bottle. AR technology animates the label, and each convict digitally comes alive to tell their story. This AR packing innovation increased their sales by 60% and brand value by 70%.

Technostacks is here to help you leverage the latest digital printing technologies that the industry has to offer, including AR-enabled packaging. If your brand is ready to make waves with AR, now is the time to dive in.

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