Trying to determine the best VR setup to buy for apartment living

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So I currently rent an apartment in Australia, so I’m unable to drill into any walls to install base stations. I used to own a regular Vive and own some Vive specific games.

However I’m purchasing a new PC with an RTX 2080ti and maybe i9 CPU, and I was trying to decide what VR system to buy.

I obviously intend to use it for gaming. I want one with the most games available, and the best “quality” so to speak. Cables and base stations don’t bother me, I own stands that I can position the base stations on and cables don’t bother me either.

I’ve heard good and bad things about things such as the Rift S and Cosmos, both being without cables and base stations but having some particular downsides and lacking in games (such as Gorn)

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