Today I tried a VR for the first time + Technical help pls…

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Today I tried a VR for the first time and well, it was amazing!
Honestly though, I bought a really cheap VR headset ($ 15 on Amazon) to use with the smartphone. I have tried to watch this video:

And as I said, it was an amazing experience… but, the fact that the details were not defined made me sad a little. My smartphone (Samsung S6) was playing this video at 1080s yet deatails of the images were not defined. And I can’t understand if the low defined details is my faults that I miss some settings, or it’s my smartphone faults for being old, or my VR headset for being cheap, or it’s the video’s fault for having low quality animations, or maybe my eyes fault. May you please give me some idea about what should I do to have a more defined experience? Thank you

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