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Hello, so I’m looking foward to buy a VR headset and have a few questions, and appreciate any help:

– Whats are some good VRs for a reasonable price? (max. U$300 -350, but some options on U$200 range too if possible)

– What I would like to play is most games (Blade and Souls, space games, sports, etc..), so I belive the hand controller would be a must

Also, one important question is, do you think its a good idea to buy it used from EBAY? I’m asking this because I’m not from US, but a parent well be traveling there next month, and maybe I was thinking in buying it on ebay, but what I would like to know is, how hard it is to test the VR properly, can someone with not much knowledge in general tecnology stuff test it and really check if everythings in order?

Thanks in advance !!!

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