Stuttering in The walking dead saints and sinners?

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Hello reddit! I just picked up a Oculus Rift S and I love it so far. Every game works pretty much flawlessly (tried beat saber and other games I can’t remember right now).

But when it comes to TWDSS I have weird stutters. It’s not fps drops or anything like that, fps is super fine. But weird microstuttering when movin around. Happens approximately each 2 seconds and is micro stutter.

Ive tried turning everything to low but nothing changes.

Has anyone got an idea what this might be?

GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5 3754 factory overclocked (might it be this? But beat Sabre is working perfectly fine without any stuttering at all).

Sorry for the noob questions guys but I am very thankful for your help!

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