SteamVR gives error 422 on startup?

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I keep getting error 422 on startup of SteamVR when my headset is plugged in. The headset in question is a vrtek WVR1 and it shows up in the device manager as 2 HID devices and a generic PnP monitor. It is on the latest firmware for it and the HoloView software that came with it is also up to date. SteamVR itself recognizes that there is a headset plugged in, but the Room Setup application seems to think that the headset is off or not plugged in. After a while I will also get an error about SteamVR initialization failing saying that “Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306).” The computer I am using does not have a discrete graphics card, but I am just trying to see if the headset displays properly and I expect that should not prevent SteamVR from recognizing the headset completely.

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