StarVR One looks INSANE!

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When I saw the FOV for this headset I nearly spit my drink out. Imagine playing VR Minecraft with that huge field of view. Even Minecraft would look breathtaking!

However obviously the main issue is literally no games support that large FOV yet (210 degree horizontal,130 degree vertical field of view) – holy moly!

My main question is does anybody know when big VR companies like Vive, Oculus etc are going to take the leap to the big FOV officially? It’s about time we get there, perhaps the issue is average consumers computer specs don’t support it yet? would love someones input on this.

The future of VR could be SO epic, but the FOV currently is not great in your regular mainstream headsets. Things will only move forward if every company makes this a standard.

StarVR One has got the right idea, if you ever get to try the headset out (and manage to not shit yourself) you’ll notice a HUGE difference. Going back to something like the Index will feel like looking through binoculars. The wide FOV adds so much to the immersion and you truly can’t understand unless you try it! They’ve really nailed it other than price. But they aren’t even trying to target regular consumers, if they were they would have without a doubt the most popular headset out. Excited for the future of VR and fingers are crossed ALL the brands make the 210 degree horizontal,130 degree vertical field of view the industry standard!

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