Star Wars Squadrons stuttering workaround?

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So I’ve been having the stuttering issues with Squadrons. I have one of the Windows MR headsets. One feature of those is, when you put the headset on it switches keyboard/mouse input to the headset instead of the desktop.

Weirdly, I noticed whenever I took my headset off and moved it around by hand, there was no stuttering. It turns out it’s this input switching that is causing the stuttering. Whenever it’s switched to the headset constant stutters. So if I put my headset on then manually switch the input to the desktop(Win+Y), problem fixed, game runs great.

I have no idea if this applies to other people with the problem, with other headsets or whatever, but the game went from unplayable to a lot of fun for me. A guess I have, is maybe this input switching is taking focus away from the game window, and that drops it’s performance, so it stutters?

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