Some tips for blade and sorcery

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Hey! I just got this game and I’m pulling together some neat things I’ve discovered and seen others do. Feel free to add some in the comments!

So for those that don’t know, blade and sorcery is a game where you fight waves of dudes with swords, magic, maces, axes, etc. It’s early access right now and it’s pretty great. Anyway, here’s some stuff you might want to know.

  • there should be a setting for letting you pull yourself up ledges with weapons or something, make sure it’s on! It’s physics climbing, under the experimental tab iirc.

  • make sure you move in the direction your hesd is facing and not your controller. That’s also in the settings btw

  • stick swords through a shield and make a smashing board

  • to spin a weapon, press the levitate away and levitate towards buttons at the same time (trackpad up + trigger on wmr, trigger + menu on Vive. Not sure about Oculus)

  • use the magic electricity on a weapon to make it temporarily incapacitate enemies. You can also deflect enemy mages’ attacks by letting your weapon absorb it.

  • swing in a good wide, strong arc with the axes. Sometimes your hits are so fast that they don’t have as much of an effect

  • you can pogo with a longsword (well, any sword or spear but a longsword would do best). Try doing it off of a high spot and scrooge mcducking your enemies.

  • don’t underestimate anything that isn’t a part of the background. If it moves, it can be useful

And as a bonus, here’s some challenges I’ve made up:

  • this one’s fun in the gladiator level, use your bear hands. Stun enemies with magic. Grab them and make some nice wall art out of them on those wooden spikes, or throw them off of a cliff.

  • As I mentioned earlier, take all the swords and put them through two shields with the blades facing out. Use these and these only to kill.

  • levitate the barrels and use them. No weapons or magic allowed.

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