Some more questions about VR

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So I made a post beforehand and from the answers on that post and some more digging on forums and YouTube, I have some more questions!

Rift vs Vive vs WMR

  1. Which system has the best controllers and why? (If all controllers are good at certain things, please mention)
  2. Which system has the best HMD overall?
  3. Which system has the image in the HMD?
  4. I wear glasses cause my left eye is pretty blurry – when I take my glasses off though I can still read and see quite well cause my right eye just takes over I guess. Should I wear glasses in VR?
  5. If I was going to wear glasses in VR which HMD is the best for that?
  6. Which tracking system is the best overall?
  7. Which system requires the least set-up?
  8. Which system tracks you 360 the most accurately?
  9. Are the Vive sensors as good as people say? Does the wireless-ness of their data transmission warrant the purchase of a vive instead of a Rift?
  10. Which VR system performs the best? (I heard some HMDs have more lag than others in certain games cause of optimization flaws…?!)
  11. Which VR system is the most futureproof?
  12. Which do you have/use most and why?

Other questions:

  1. Are my 7700k and GTX 1070 enough to always have 90+ fps in VR?
  2. Even with a WMR (Which has a higher resolution)
  3. Are the knuckles controllers worth waiting for? When they hit, will they be paired with a Vive headset? What will they be compatible with?
  4. When will Valve’s HMD hit allegedly?
  5. Is VR gen 2 worth waiting for? When will it hit? (I’m afraid of buying a gen1 now and then gen2 hits a few months after and I’ll regret my purchase)
  6. What are some VR-beginner tips?


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