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Since Oculus Requires Facebook, What Should I Get?

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First going to list off, not in the market for a 1000 dollar pcvr headset like steam’s recent thing. I was looking at an oculus s for like a year or two (I have psvr currently and plan on using both a pcvr headset and my psvr and future psvr headsets), and I’d probably have just gotten an oculus 2 or whatever, but given the facebook forced integration, I’m not about to buy an Oculus headset now. So that leaves me with the question, what should I get? I have a gaming pc from a few years back and I plan on upgrading it a bit, so I should be fine, but just like, screw facebook requirements for oculus.

What are my other options? I heard that vive might be on the decline or something, and I stopped being informed about pcvr stuff like a year or two ago, so I would love some help and suggestions because I’m looking to branch into pcvr (without facebook)

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