Silicon Rising 2.0.1 hot fix patch available

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Hi There
We realeased the 2.0.0 version of Silicon Rising, and very happy to see there are many positive feedback. We were also get reported for some problems in the new version and some suggestions for improvement.

In this hot fix patch, we remake the reloading mechanism of guns to let them more real. You do not need to pull the bolt in every reloading unless the mags totally empty.

We are really thanks for all players who give us feedback and suggestions, after a major update we understand the game need more polish to fit the new fetures. We will carefully read all feedback and suggestions and continue to update our game.

Also we fixed the error in French option menu, Thank you French players.

BTW, the sale event is also continue, this week you still able to get Silicon Rising with a low price
Silicon Rising


Silicon Rising team

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