Samsung Odyssey vs 1st Gen HTC VIVE: An argument for why the vive might be the better buy

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I’m torn right now what my first vr headset should be. I understand that objectively speaking the odyssey is the better headset. I understand that objectively speaking the odyssey is the cheaper headset. But here’s why “upgrade path” matters so much to me.

For starters, I currently have unlimited access to a valve index.

Not like I have a friend who has one. I do research at a university vr lab and got them to get an index, i have complete unlimited access to it and play games on it very often.

So Its not like “i gotta rush out and get a vr headset right now!”

But i WILL only have access to the lab until the middle of may.

So i want to get a vr headset soon thereafter. I won’t have money for an index for probably another year or so. But I don’t wanna miss out on vr.

So here’s why I think a vive is better to hold me over.

For starters, the vive is only marginally worse if we look at everything:

Yes the vive wands aren’t exactly great, but we’re not comparing them to oculus or index controllers, we’re comparing them to wmr controllers. So yeah at the end of the day are wmr controllers better? probably? but by a lot? not really.

The display: yes I know the odyssey has a crisper display. I know that they both have oled panels but the samsung has less screen door effect.

But here’s the thing: the vive has steamvr tracking.

I WILL be buying a steamvr headset in the future. whether its valves own index or something else on the horizon. So i’m going to need base stations.

Valve index base stations are 300 dollars. 399 dollars gets me a vive and I’ll then already have the base stations when i eventually DO get an index.

And since the 1st gen and 2nd gen lighthouses are almost indistinguishable for how i’m using them (no giant vr warehouse), I’m literally only paying 99 dollars more than I would have to pay if i were getting index base stations (yes i know its slightly cheaper if you don’t buy the pieces individually but spread out over a year or so its not that different.

What getting a vive means to me is being able to get index controllers in like maybe 6 months if i can afford them.

Then the whole headset maybe 6 months later.

If i get the odyssey, yes i’m saving like 150 bucks over the vive, but then i’ll still have to buy an ENTIRE index later instead of already having one of the pricier components.

Plus the vive DOES have better tracking.

Am i being dumb? I can’t see a reason why i’d want to get a largely similar experience (comparatively) when it means spending more down the road ya know?

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