Rift S Headset Sensor Check Error

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Rift S Headset Sensor Check Error

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Hey guys I’m just wondering if anyone has a fix for the issue i’m having at the moment I’ve just reset windows last night and the Rift S was working fine beforehand, It’s been working fine for weeks since I bought it and now all of a sudden since I’ve reset my windows I’m getting a Headset Sensor Check error when I try to do the initial setup, I’ve tried switching every USB port on my case, I’ve tried disconnecting all other displays, Windows is 100% up to date, I’ve tried disabling my anti-virus and firewalls, I’ve reinstalled the oculus app about 5 times, I’ve reset Windows twice now and I’ve tried reseating the cable on the headset itself, any help would be appreciated, thanks 🙂

My PC Specs if it’s even relevant are a i7-8700k, a gtx 1080 with 16gb of ram on a ASUS z370-A Prime Motherboard

Update: I’ve done a full reinstall of windows opposed to the original reset, still no luck

I’ve also tried USB Update + USB Power Management settings, a complete oculus software reinstall (going in to safe mode and deleting all left over files after uninstalling) & checking camera permissions

Error Message

Devices In Oculus Software

Windows Update

Geforce Drivers

Current Windows Version

Oculus Diagnostic Logs For Comparison: https://gofile.io/d/lKr8rp

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