Reverb G2 Linux support?

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I have dual boot win10/Manjaro KDE but would like to transition to Linux fully.

Anyone know if/how well the Reverb G2 and/or other windows Mixed Reality headsets will work on Linux?

Can’t find any information about it (other than some open HMD stuff that’s not very informative)


Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro (full atx, black)

Mobo: MSi Pro Gaming Plus Carbon X470

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x @ 4.2 Ghz (Noctua NH-D15 tower cooler keeping it chilly)

GPU: Sapphire Pulse 5700XT (8GB) (Radeon V driver auto OC to 2150 MHz)

RAM: 2×8 GB G.Skill FlareX DDR4 3200 (plan to add two more sticks for 32gb)

SSD-1: Samsung 970 Evo (250gb) (Windows 10/Manjaro KDE)

SSD-2: 1TB Crucial 2.5″ SSD (games/music/10GB max paging file)

HDD-1: Seagata ‘Cuda 8tb 5.4k RPM

HMD: Quest w/ Link Cable (the aukey usb one, not the official fiber optic one)

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