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Questions about quest 2

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So, I’m thinking of getting the quest 2 (my birthdays coming close and I thought that would be a good time to blow my money on something expensive like this). So I was thinking of getting it but I have a couple questions since I didn’t get the original quest.

  1. How does it compare to the rift s, I use that for VR currently and was going to keep it along the quest 2 but is it not worth it to get the quest 2 if I’m going to have a rift s anyway.
  2. Facebook already has my data, so whatever, but will I be able to use a username, cause I don’t want random people knowing my name through facebook.
  3. How does the link cable work, I have no usb-c ports but plenty of free usb 3.0 ports, what adapters work or should I just go third party?
  4. How will I charge it without usb-c, I’ve heard a usb 3.0 port is not enough to sustain the battery.
  5. Is it worth it in general? Will I be able to play the games I’ve bundled up through steam and standalone launchers?
  6. Can I use steam if I use the link cable, I’ve heard many people say yes but I’ve heard some say no, which worries me because I’ve bought a majority of my games through steam.
  7. Finally, I want to know how it will run, I have a 1660 super and ryzen 5 2600x with some bottleneck because I haven’t cleaned out the fans in a while, will I be able to run it or should I just skip the quest 2 and wait a while until I can upgrade.
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Thank you in advance for any answers, I just want to make sure that I’ll be able to run everything and that it won’t be a waste of money to buy the quest 2 if I already have the rift s.

As a little bonus question, how well does the link cable work? like if I use a usb 3.0 adapter with the 16 ft cable, how much latency will I be experiencing.

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