Question about using WebAR for a magazine

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Hey all,

I’m currently working as intern at a explanation agency

At the end of my internship I have to make an internship-report in the form of a magazine. The problem I have with this is that I mostly create videos & animations at my internship and I would like to show these off in my internship report. This can’t be done with a traditional magazine.

I was thinking about using AR to scan images in my magazine using a phone, which then play a video or animation over the image. After doing some research I would love to use WebAR, so that people dont have to download some sort of app and are more eager to try it.

I also found a video which perfectly describes what I want, but using a app and not using WebAR

Is this possible? And if so, how? I have already been playing around with unity and AR.js, but it’s all very confusing for a first time user. I would like to hear your toughts

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