Problems I am having with Vivecraft on the Oculus Rift S. Please Help. List is below.

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  1. The controller I use for movement has no problems hardware or software wise and is brand new but my character drifts kind of up and to the right whenever I am standing still, this stops happening when I am moving or crouched but I don’t want to run into a block or have to crouch every time I mine a block. Any fixes?

  2. My controller registers hits but I like the immersiveness of actually swinging instead of pulling the trigger, but it takes a lot of hits. Any ways to increase the damage of the pickaxe to make it less hits per block?

  3. I get tired super fast playing Vivecraft vs Pavlov or Onward. I know this is because of the swinging but are there anyways to get in “VR shape?” I want to get in shape but I have a feeling if I play enough VR I will get in shape pretty quickly

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