Oculus quest worth it if coming from a rigged out OGvive?

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I’m thinking of getting a quest.. is it worth it if I already have a fully upgraded OGvive?

I’m not sure I’d use it to replace my vive, but more for a separate headset.. kind of like a switch + a PC

I have a vive+DAS, vive wireless adapter, 3 trackers for FBT and valve index controllers.

I’d mostly want to use the quest for media like Netflix and Amazon, and maybe play some VR multiplayer games if I have friends over like Rec room or racket Nx

I also have never been able to play oculus games since revive has never worked for me.. so owning a quest with the link thing in the future is pretty appealing so I can play the games there.

I guess my question is… am I gonna notice the 72hz vs 90 coming from a PCVR HMD?

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