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Oculus go to quest 2

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So I’m planning to upgrade from the go to the quest 2 which will give me my first ever 6dof experience, but I had a few question. How is the fov on the quest 2, specifically compared to quest go?

The only thing I would be able to compare the quest to fov to is the oculus go since it’s my only other headset and I know this is very subjective but I heard many people complain about it. I have heard people even say that it had the bare minimum fov being the same as google cardboard. I heard others say the fov feels better than quest 1. Tbh honest the oculus go fov felt completely fine to me, with sde and 3dof being the only problems.

This is a concern for me because I have quite a narrow head and have a ipd of 61, so I was wondering is the quest 2 is a better/worse experience based on my shape on my head?

I really appreciate any feedback and I’m excited to join the quest community!

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