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No Man’s Sky Origin Update. PC VR Performance?

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Seeing some reports of the latest update to No Man’s Sky (sandworms, finally) making VR play less feasible for most players. It’s already not the most optimized title, but there’s some worry it’ll be an even clunkier ride for now.

I was able to sneak in a quick 15 minute session. Performance seemed about the same for me but was only on one planet type (Dusty). Hitches of note: Sometimes it gets hung up so bad you see the Steam VR dome environment briefly, initial planet entry is exceptionally rough now. Otherwise, it’s the best its ever looked in VR, planets actually feel huge now thanks to the landscape overhauls.

Anyone given it a proper play today? Curious if the more lush planets sporting all the new flora/fauna and environmental effects are just an instant CTD.

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