New to AR – Quality of Glasses today or near future?

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Hi all,

Not sure how to best ask this question. I’ve always been interested in some form of virtual glasses. My use cases are:

1) Media consumption while traveling. Basically watching movies or whatnot while flying.
2) Gaming in the living room. Having 1 monitor off to the side so I can PC game while watching TV.

3) Back up monitors for work. I have to travel for work once every quarter and hate losing my monitors.

Initially I was looking at pseudo VR headsets like the Goovis models. While they’d work for #1, they wouldn’t work for #2 and #3. I noticed this year there seems to be some newer models coming out. The Rokid Air caught my attention but it seems Lenovo is also coming out with a set.

My concern is quality. Every video I’ve seen for AR the images seem to have washed out colors and seem a bit blurry (the Nreal review being the latest I watched). Is this inherent to AR? Is it a product of video taping from the glasses point of view?

I guess I’m wondering, for the user using them, is the quality a match for an LCD monitor or an iPad screen? Or would I be better served for #1, for example, just watching movies on my iPad?


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