Need help for VR Film Festival: how do I install/run interactive VR applications (.exe, .apk) on Rift and Vive?

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This is the first year the film festival I work for is accepting VR entries. It is also my first year coordinating the VR program, so I could really use some advice on how to run the interactive experiences on our headsets.

I have found some information about side-loading and release channels, but much of this information is unclear or not applicable to Rift or Vive.


-We have standard Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

-We have both PCs and Macs available to run the headsets.

-We put out an open call for 360 Video and Full VR entries. (We are using either a Plex server or Skybox to host and stream the 360 Videos.)

-We have around 20 full, interactive VR applications which are mostly .apk or .exe files (some w/ misc. supplementary files attached, asset folders, .dll files)

-These applications are NOT published on Oculus Store or SteamVR. As far as we know most have been developed independently and the files were sent to us directly.


Could someone please help me to understand how to install and run these interactive apps on Vive and/or Rift?

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