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Hi all… I’m currently working on a list of interesting AR/VR experts to follow on Twitter for my upcoming project SociaList… I thought you’ll find this useful. feel free to add.

Aleissia Laidacker (@Aleissia)

Head of Developer Experience at MagicLeap, director MixedFlour, Former lead At Ubisoft.

Yoon Park (@cre8ivepark)

Designer & Creative Technologist. UX Designer at Microsoft HoloLens2. Creator of

Galit Ariel (@galitariel)

Galit Ariel is passionate about a future that will integrate technology into our everyday lives, but not control it. As a thought leader in augmented reality, she explores the wild and imaginative side of immersive technologies, but also their impact on our cultures, behaviors and ethical issues related to them.

Rony Abovitz (@rabovitz)

Rony Abovitz has the eyes of the AR world on him at the moment as the founder and CEO of Magic Leap. The Google-backed Augmented Reality startup has generated buzz from the word go

Martin Herdina (@wikitude)

A hugely successful internet entrepreneur, Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina has previously built and sold a leading payment system for online games

Dr. Helen Papagiannis (@ARstories)

With more than ten years of AR under her belt, including a PhD, a book (The Augmented Human), and two TED Talks, Helen Papagiannis certainly knows her stuff

Eric Mizufuka (@WTEric)

As the product manager for Epson’s Moverio AR glasses, Eric Mizufuka is on the cutting edge of AR hardware

Trevor Jones (@trevorjonesart)

A Scottish-based Canadian artist, Trevor Jones combines his love of paint with Augmented Reality. His Twitter feed is a fascinating delve into the ways in which technology and art overlap

Alice Bonasio (@alicebonasio)

A VR consultant and regular contributor to the likes of Wired, Quartz, Ars Technica, TNW, and FastCo, Alice Bonasio has her finger firmly on the pulse of all things AR

Dr. Rafael Grossmann (@ZGJR)

Dr. Rafael Grossmann is perhaps best known as the first surgeon to use Google Glass. He regularly shares news and opinion regarding AR and tech advancements in healthcare with his 8,800 followers on Twitter

Ori Inbar (@comogard)

Ori Inbar is the founder and managing partner of Super Ventures VC, the first early-stage fund dedicated to Augmented Reality.

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