My Short Kat Loco Review (comparison to Natural Locomotion)

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This isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but quick for people considering whether or not they should invest in this hardware.

Quick Summary: Kat Loco as a device and software is possibly the biggest waste of money I’ve experienced when it comes to VR gear. The calibration never properly worked and its functionality is very limited. Natural Locomotion (NatLoco) is better and you don’t have to use proprietary devices. The Kat Loco devices don’t compare to how well Vive Trackers perform for the same function and the Vive Trackers are much easier to set up and calibrate with NatLoco.

I set it up as recommended. The router was definitely within 1.5 meters of the play area. Which for me is too close. My original play area is a little over 6 feet from my machine. I ran the games through the insteam software (I had to regularly restart it since after playing a game it would no longer show my games list.)

The hardware seems solid, but the waist clip is very tight and hard to clip to jeans or sweatpants.

Calibrating it was a pain. It failed the first 4 times before it finally gave me a good calibration.

I could never get it to understand which direction I was facing. I was always walking to the left and the walking was very slow. The direction calibration didn’t work.

The games I tried were Boneworks, DoomVFR, Skyrim, and Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.

Since I could never get it to walk in the right direction, I couldn’t test it for more than a few minutes before giving up with frustration.

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Since these sensors are only made for walking/running they don’t do anything else.

However, if you own a few Vive Wands, Vive Trackers, Cellphones, Joycons or PSVR Wands, you can get the same and better functionality from a program I found on Steam called Natural Locomotion. The set up was quick, I was in the game right away. After a few steps for calibration, it was working like a charm.

I tested NatLoco with feet and waist using Vive trackers on Boneworks, DoomVFR, Skyrim, and Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. It worked on all of them and I had no issue tracking my direction. Moving backward is a bit awkward, but still works compared to Kat Loco which I could never get to move in any direction other than forward, slowly and in the wrong direction. Jumping is also very awkward and running and jumping is a real challenge. But I feel like this is a limitation that can be surpassed by NatLoco with some improvement in the software, but not by Kat Loco

I will try to test the Kat Loco device a little more, but its a lot of hassle compared to the NatLoco which just works.

I feel like walking in place is the way forward for locomotion in VR, compared to all these expensive slidemills. It’s pretty immersive when it’s working right.

Some ideas to improve would be requiring the bobbing of the HMD for forward momentum, sidestepping for strafing and the holding of a button to move backward.

In the end, the lesson is never to buy products that don’t have comprehensive reviews all over the place. Kat Loco seems to be a fairly hush-hush product as they didn’t send out any devices to reviewers for consumers to make informed decisions. NatLoco has lots of reviews and doesn’t require as high of an initial investment unless you want the best tracking with Vive Trackers which are expensive, but the best on the market.

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Anyone else who owns a Kat Loco let me know if you had a similar or better experience than me.

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