Motion Simulator "Yaw VR" latest Kickstarter update: "Hardware is ready for shipping"

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Hi Backers,

Last week finally we received the first part of our investment, thanks for Hiventures, the biggest Hungarian investment firm. It was important because we were getting ran out of our money, so it gives us safety and opportunity of expansion for the following year.

Also on the last week we were exhibiting on AWE (Augmented World Expo) Santa Clara. We wanted to showcase the simulator there and do a real stress-test for the final standard version.

We ran about 200-250 test rides in real action situation (I mean there were lots of heavy people, and some of the visitors literally fell into the seat when they sat down and so on) and I can say from mechanically point of view the simulator is final. In two weeks we will attend on AT&T Shape exhibition in Los Angeles ( ) and we will use the same device there. When we will be over about 400-500 test rides with the same device it will be equivalent of 1 year home usage of standard version. We experienced a communication issue, the connection was very unstable between the IMU (orientation tracker) and the bottom part. We changed the antenna of the bluetooth module and it solved the issue perfectly.

We have also finished the backrest, it is comfortable. The material of the upholstery is not final, we used it just for the prototyping.

Regarding manufacturing, we have tested our production capacity and we could assemble 4 devices in a day which is promising because we have only 3 production people now and it will be doubled in a few weeks. As we received our investment we can order the missing parts and we can start the production in higher quantity.

I know you want to know when will you receive your simulator. Because the mechanical structure is final we can continue the production right after we receive the missing parts.

Meanwhile we want to solve 3 software related issues:

1; We want to further develop the controller app to make it much more user friendly and available on iOS and we want to prepare the PRO functionality

2; We want to further develop the driver software, we have got a new version already which is promising.

3; We want to develop a real-time position correction software because the orientation tracker can’t perfectly track the orientation of yaw direction (the yaw orientation is shifted slowly), but we have an idea how can we calibrate it automatically (right now users should calibrate the direction from time to time)

All those tasks above will take about 2 weeks to finish but those are not blocking the production just the shipping. We don’t see any other serious issue now. So all of our backer can receive its simulator still this summer.


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